Let's forget. Label. Category. Kind. Definition. Registration. Locking up. Reduction.
Let's plug the guitars. Tremolo. Flanger. Taking off. An attempt at alchemy, mix of colors. Atmosphere. Intensity. Tension. High and Low. Experiment. Melody. Optimism. Melancholy. Electric. Acoustic. Extension. Sudden spurt. Complicity.

Air Sonic is

drums, percussions, etc > Sébastien Ruegg
bass, sampler, etc > Benoît Gisler
guitar, sample, etc > Laurence Waeber
voice, guitar, keyboard, etc > Benoît Perriard

Nice peopole we work with

Lydia Gerbex > "art department": posters, cd covers and more to come


Pedro Stoichita >"action painting": painted during our gig from March 8, 2002 at the Nouveau Monde